T-Mobile Poland Offers Double Data With 5G Plans

T-Mobile Poland Offers Double Data With 5G Plans

T-Mobile Poland has introduced a promotion for customers who sign up for a new subscription to 5G plans, offering double the usual mobile data traffic for a period of two years.

All 5G plans from the operator include unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to national networks. The data bundle increases from 25 GB to 50 GB under the M+ plan, from 50 GB to 100 GB under the L+ tariff and from 75 MB to 150 GB under the XL+ tariff. Double data is available for both new and current subscribers of the operator.

Tarifica’s Take

As operators spend significant amounts of money on 5G networks, once they surmount the challenges of developing and implementing the high-speed technology, the face the challenge of getting subscribers to sign on. And given the facts that existing 4G/LTE networks are effective and provide enough performance for many users and that accessing 5G requires new devices, it can take good amount of convincing and sweetening the pot for MNOs to get the uptake they are looking for.

T-Mobile’s offer of double data across three plan levels is evidently a strategy aimed in this direction. Its generosity may well have the effect of persuading users to switch to 5G, if they had been undecided as to whether the promised speed alone was enough of an incentive. Furthermore, unlike with many promotions, the double data will be in force for two full years, rather than for a short time, and again that could prove decisive for heavy data users in Poland.