T-Mobile Poland Offers Money-Back Guarantee With Six-Month Trial

T-Mobile Poland Offers Money-Back Guarantee With Six-Month Trial

T-Mobile Poland is offering customers a money-back guarantee on two particular plans. Customers can test the subscriptions for six months, and if they are not completely satisfied with the services, they can request the return of their payments for the entire period. The offer applies to the T-Mobile Unlimited tariff in the SIM-only version with unlimited calls for PLN 50.00 (US $14.60), SMS, MMS and unlimited internet, as well as to the prepaid offer T-Mobile Neverending for PLN 25.00 (US $7.30) and including unlimited calls, SMS and 10 GB of data.

The maximum money-back amounts are PLN 300.00 (US $87.60) for the postpaid offer (six months times PLN 50.00), and PLN 150.00 (US $43.80) for the prepaid offer (six months times PLN 25.00)

Tarifica’s Take

Mobile customers are very familiar with offers in which services and plan elements are offered free of charge on a promotional basis, after which they are charged for, or else the customer can discontinue the service. With this offer, T-Mobile Poland appears to be flipping the script in an innovative and attractive way. Here the services are being offered on a paid basis from the outset, but with the option for customers to get their money back after six months if dissatisfied. A customer could end up with, in essence, six months of free service and no obligation going forward.

If a finding of dissatisfaction, in the case of these offers, does not require proof that the service was technically defective or failed to meet promised standards, but simply that it did not meet the customer’s needs, then this is a good way to make potential long-term customers feel well taken care of. A genuine money-back guarantee is a very reassuring measure, as a general principle, and in this case we feel that it could help T-Mobile Poland increase customer satisfaction and thereby build loyalty.