Telenor Hungary Gives SMEs 50 Percent Discount on Monthly Fee

Telenor Hungary Gives SMEs 50 Percent Discount on Monthly Fee

Telenor Hungary launched a special promotion that lets businesses save 50 percent of the monthly fee of their Telenor MyBusiness Classic tariffs for a period of 3 or 6 months. The discount applies to plans with unlimited domestic airtime and mobile internet.

SMEs heavily affected by the pandemic shutdown of recent months face difficulties getting back to business, and Telenor’s promotion is intended to address that issue. The offer includes a handset discount as an option. 

In Telenor’s promotion, SMEs can get a 50 percent discount off the monthly fee of their MyBusiness Classic M, L, XL and XXL tariff plans purchased with a 2-year commitment. If they have a subscription without a handset, the discount off the monthly fee applies for a period of 6 months. SMEs that consider unlimited service a priority can get the MyBusiness Classic XXL plan including unlimited mobile internet, airtime and texting for a monthly fee of only HUF 6,250 (US $21.29) net for 6 months.

For SMEs that buy a new handset with their new subscription, the discount on the monthly fee will be valid for 3 months. Customers can use a handset discount of up to HUF 94,000 (US $320.15) net per subscription depending on the selected tariff plan. The handset discount can be combined for several subscriptions and it can be used anytime during the commitment period, even for the purchase of multiple handsets in several installments enabling SMEs to manage their procurements flexibly. 

Using the calculator on Telenor’s website, SMEs can select the tariff plan best suited to their needs, calculate their monthly costs and the amount of available handset discounts with a few clicks.

Tarifica’s Take

The impact of the coronavirus on businesses of all sizes has been profound, and help is doubtless appreciated from whichever quarter it comes from. While governments are contributing aid of various kinds to keep businesses afloat, mobile operators can also help, as Telenor is doing in Hungary. Its promotion is particularly appropriate in that small and medium enterprises have had a harder time than large enterprises.

A 50 percent discount on this suite of business mobile service plans should we welcomed by hard-hit SME customers of Telenor, who may be having a tough time keeping up with bills and can use any discount they can get. The 3- or 6-month period involved (depending on whether the business purchased handsets through their plans or not) is long enough, either way, to have more than a momentary impact. Likewise, the handset discount for new subscribers will make it easier for businesses to afford devices for those of their employees who need them—while boosting customer acquisition for the operator.

As far as operators are concerned, discounts like this one do more than build goodwill; they make it possible for businesses to remain in business—and therefore to remain customers.