Vodafone Germany to Connect 40,000 E-Cargo Bikes to IoT by 2026

Vodafone Germany to Connect 40,000 E-Cargo Bikes to IoT by 2026

Vodafone Germany will bring 40,000 electric cargo bikes run by Berlin-based start-up Avocargo, which provides the electric bicycles for sharing, to the Internet of Things by 2026. Avocargo has also been included in the operator’s Uplift program.

IoT SIM cards from Vodafone will connect the e-cargo bikes to the Internet of Things to make sharing options available without the use of fixed rental stations. Using the Vodafone IoT SIM cards, Avocargo can view and check the location and battery status of the e-cargo bikes in real time via a dashboard.

Tarifica’s Take

The list of things that are connected to the Internet of Things expands by leaps and bounds every month. In Germany, Vodafone is planning a massive integration of 40,000 electric cargo bikes over the next four years. Equipped with SIM cards, the popular urban electric-motor-assisted cycles will be able to be rented and shared without the need for stations.

The IoT connection will allow the bike provider, which has partnered with the MNO, to monitor its vehicles and make sure batteries are charged and that the bikes are being used appropriately. As the bikes are widely popular and frequently used in Berlin, the revenue opportunities for the partners are quite likely substantial.

Remote monitoring and control, so important in industrial and retail situations, can also ensure a seamless and safe recreational experience for consumers. And as e-cargo bikes are increasingly used in place of cars in some cities, the benefits could go far beyond simple recreation.