Vodafone Greece Introduces Facility Management, Digital Signage Services for Businesses

Vodafone Greece Introduces Facility Management, Digital Signage Services for Businesses

Vodafone Greece’s Business division has introduced its Facility Management service portfolio and new Digital Signage services. This new generation of services for businesses promise not only the digitization of their day-to-day facility management and significant energy savings through IoT applications, but also the automation of their communication with customers.

The Facility Management service portfolio includes three sub-products: Energy Management to monitor energy consumption in real time; Eco Quality Management, which offers the monitoring of additional environmental factors, such as carbon dioxide, among others; and Desk Booking, for automated management and monitoring of space availability in the workplace to support a hybrid work model.

Vodafone Energy Management offers real-time monitoring of energy consumption, collecting data and analyzing data using certified energy meters installed in the company’s electrical panels. It’s meant to help companies save energy and reduce operating costs and also to calculate their future consumption for better planning.

The Vodafone Eco Quality Management service allows the monitoring of additional environmental factors, such as carbon dioxide emissions, temperature, humidity, brightness, movement, sound levels, water leakage, in a “smart” way that helps the company to improve its environmental performance, stay within legal and safe limits and better understand their effects on the operation of the company, thus offering better conditions to its staff.

With the Vodafone Desk booking service, companies can manage and monitor in real time the availability of work stations, having access to relevant statistical data and with easy management and organization of available spaces through the platform.

At the same time, Vodafone Business introduces the new Digital Signage service, which enables all businesses to remotely manage advertising or informational content (video or photos) displayed on their screens.

Tarifica’s Take

Mobile operators have found that in many cases, they can market more advanced and expensive services to their business customers than to their consumer customers. IoT-based services involving monitoring and control are especially appealing to large and medium-sized enterprises, and Vodafone Greece is taking the approach of offering a suite of such services under the heading of Facility Management.

By offering energy management, eco management and workplace logistics together, it is likely that the operator will see more uptake and revenue than if they offered these services separately. The synergy of the three should appeal to businesses that have many needs that can be satisfied in an integrated manner.

While digital signage does not seem to fit very neatly with the other three offerings, it may be viewed as a sweetener of the deal or possibly an extension of the concept of remote managing.