Vodafone Italia Launches Inexpensive Youth Plan with 100 GB

Vodafone Italia Launches Inexpensive Youth Plan with 100 GB

Vodafone Italia has announced the launch of a new youth-oriented plan with 100 GB of data at 5G speeds for under €10.00 (US $10.54) a month. The plan, dubbed Red Max Under 25, is available to all new users aged 25 and under and comes with the 100 GB data bundle plus unlimited calls to all numbers and unlimited SMS for €9.99 (US $10.53) a month, with a €6.99 (US $7.37) activation fee.

The operator is also including its Safe Network service with the plan, and anyone who signs up to the Smart Pay automatic payment method to pay directly via their current account or credit card will get free access to the new Vodafone Club loyalty program. The scheme, which normally costs €3.99 (US $4.21) a month, offers members various discounts and special rewards, plus 10 GB of additional mobile data per month.

Tarifica’s Take

This youth-targeted plan is notably generous, not only in large its allowance of data at a very low price, but also in its provision of 5G connectivity. These features, along with the loyalty club benefits make it an extremely attractive offering for young users.

Vodafone may view this virtual data giveaway as no great sacrifice insofar as it promotes fuller usage of its new high-speed network. But beyond that, the operator no doubt feels that Red Max Under 25 will pay dividends in the future in terms of under-25s who will be upsold to more expensive and longer-term plans after becoming accustomed to consuming rather large quantities of 5G data.

Mobile usage habits are formed early in life—thus the appeal for operators of youth plans that help form habits. Presumably those who join Red Max Under 25 will not be able to renew their subscription to it after they turn 26, so for them, entry into the pricier non-youth tier will come sooner rather than later.