Magenta Telekom Unveils Mobile Plans for Seniors

Magenta Telekom Unveils Mobile Plans for Seniors

Austrian operator Magenta Telekom has announced a new mobile tariff for customers aged 60 and over. The tariff is available either as SIM-only or with a smartphone. Customers can choose from a range of senior mobile phones, including the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 or Emporia Smart 5.

The new tariff has been adapted specifically for senior citizens, with internet protection and a safety package included free of charge. Magenta is waiving the connection fee for customers signing up by 31 July, after which it will charge a discounted fee of €39.99 (US $42.20) instead of €69.99 (US $73.87).

The SIM-only Mobile Senior tariff offers 5 GB of data (at up to 50 Mbps download), 2,000 minutes and 2,000 texts for €10.00 (US $10.55) per month, or 8 GB data for MagentaEINS customers at €8.00 (US $8.44) per month. The smartphone Mobile Senior tariff offers 5 GB of data (up to 50 Mbps), 2,000 minutes and 2,000 texts for €16.00 (US $16.89) per month, or 10 GB data for MagentaEINS at €14.00 (US $14.78) per month with customers. The tariffs are offered with a minimum 24-month contract and annual service fee of €29.99 (US $31.65).

Tarifica’s Take

Mobile plans targeted to the youth market have received a great deal of attention lately, but neither we nor mobile operators should ignore another important age-based subscriber demographic—senior citizens. Like youths, seniors tend to have certain financial and usage traits that unify them and make them a valid audience for special offers. And while seniors may not have the long-term promise of larger and larger usage that youth do, they are still a client base with the potential to pay dividends over years if operator take the trouble to cater to their needs. With populations aging, especially in developed economies, the senior group is constantly growing in size, and people are occupying that demographic for ever-longer periods of time.

Magenta Telekom’s 60-plus offering has features that make it especially relevant to older users. For one thing, the plans emphasize voice and texts over data, having 2,000 minutes and 2,000 SMS (relatively large allowances) with only 5 to 10 GB of data. This is because seniors tend to rely more on traditional mobile communications services than on internet use, and when they do use the internet, they are unlikely to use extremely data-hungry applications such as gaming or video and music streaming.

The choice between SIM-only and device plans also makes sense for seniors. With SIM-only, they can save money, which is desirable because seniors are often retired or on fixed incomes and therefore prioritize cost savings. The device option features special handsets targeted at seniors, meaning that they are relatively easy to use for those who may be less accustomed than younger users to mobile devices and smartphones in particular.

In short, by considering the particular needs and proclivities of older users as well as younger ones, MNOs such as Magenta may benefit greatly and solidify a bond with a loyal customer group.