Vodafone Qatar Launches Portal for Business Customers

Vodafone Qatar Launches Portal for Business Customers

Vodafone Qatar has introduced My Vodafone Portal, a self-service tool for businesses of all sizes. In addition to accessing basic functionalities such as viewing account and profile details and bill summaries, Vodafone Business account holders may also download their bill history, make payments for various bill profiles, subscribe to roaming packages and monitor usage and balances. The portal is available 24 hours a day on desktops, tablets or mobile phones.

My Vodafone Portal is designed to help Vodafone Business users keep track of all their employees’ plans and thereby to avoid bill shock, as well as to manage all the mobile numbers under their accounts. Real-time usage and balances of plans and add-ons will be available , along with the ability to activate add-ons for individual mobile numbers. The operator says it intends to add more features to the portal over time.

Tarifica’s Take

In this era of diminishing returns from traditional mobile services, operators have to perpetually ask themselves the question, what can we do to increase relevance and build deeper relationships with customers? One way to add value for customers is the establishment of interfaces by which users can have a richer and more flexible interaction with their accounts. In the case of business customers, who maintain many lines at once, this is especially desirable.

Vodafone Qatar’s new portal seems to offer all the features that would please an employer who needs to monitor, evaluate and control many mobile numbers and deal with the billing for those lines. Instead of having to depend on the employees or spend time pulling together information about the lines, the business customer can have an at-a-glance view of all the lines—their usage, balances, add-ons, and so forth, and to adjust or alter those plans at will. We think My Vodafone Portal is an excellent and particularly appropriate offering, and one that will likely increase customer satisfaction, both among large enterprises and SMEs. By doing so, it should also boost Vodafone’s retention and acquisition of business customers of various kinds.