Vodafone Turkey Add Online Grocery Shopping to Its App

Vodafone Turkey Add Online Grocery Shopping to Its App

Vodafone Turkey has added the Supermarket Yanimda online grocery service to its Vodafone Yanimda account management app. The supermarket service offers its customers the opportunity to purchase their groceries online while also earning mobile data with every shopping transaction.

Vodafone aims to reach 100,000 orders per month with Supermarket Yanimda, where more than 7,000 products will be presented in 27 categories. It can be accessed via the app, called Vodafone Yanimda Firsatlar Dunyasi.

Tarifica’s Take

An operator has rarely gone wrong by offering its subscribers opportunities for greater convenience while promoting e-commerce. By partnering with supermarkets to provide easy access to shopping from home, Vodafone Turkey will also be providing a service that is particularly appealing during the pandemic. Shopping for vial necessities such as food via the app helps to minimize trips to crowded supermarkets, thus helping to prevent contagion.

Vodafone has a pre-existing user base to sell this product to, with pre-existing loyalty, but the offer of earning free data with purchases will very likely sweeten the deal and increase uptake. This offer, while hardly revolutionary in nature, is certainly appropriate to the present moment and persuasive on its own terms and in terms of customers’ ongoing relationship with their mobile operator. As operators in general seek non-traditional business opportunities that leverage existing relationships, this is an excellent and simple example of a way to do so.