Wind Offers Selected Ex-Clients 50 GB and Unlimited Calls

Wind Offers Selected Ex-Clients 50 GB and Unlimited Calls

The Wind brand of Italian operator Wind Tre has launched a new win-back offer to persuade selected customers to return to the operator, according to a report. The Wind All Inclusive Star 50+ plan, aimed at former clients, comes with 50 GB of 4G/LTE data and unlimited calls to all numbers plus 200 SMS for €7.99 (US $9.13) a month for 24 months, with a new SIM card available for €10.00 (US $11.42) and no activation fees.

Tarifica’s Take

In a competitive market, where operators are losing customers to rival operators, making up for losses by doing all one can to add new subscribers is of course the main goal. However, the tactic of targeting former clients to win them back has a lot to say for it, too. Identifying those ex-subscribers and making them a very generous offer could indeed be quite persuasive. And 50 GB of high-speed data, unlimited calls to all numbers and 200 SMS for €7.99 a month is certainly a generous offer, especially considering that it will be locked in for two years.

If ex-Wind subscribers receive this offer, they may well be tempted to grab it because it so bountiful and long-lasting, even if they are not particularly dissatisfied with their new operator. If they left Wind because of some major problem with the operator, though, this strategy may not work. And if Wind wants to retain the ex-subscribers they win back, past the 24-month mark, they have to be sure they are providing enough value and that have fixed the issues that lost them the subscribers in the first place.