WindTre Offering One-Day 100 GB Data in Flash Promo

WindTre Offering One-Day 100 GB Data in Flash Promo

Italian operator WindTre is giving selected customers the chance to get a one-off 100 GB bundle of data valid for a 24-hour period for €1.00 (US $1.23). Under the 100 Giga xTe Special Day Epiphany promo, customers are being sent an SMS inviting them to activate the bundle for use over the subsequent 24 hours, as long as they accept the offer by 6 January 2021.

Tarifica’s Take

This promotion is interesting and unusual in that it is offering a tremendous amount of data for an extremely small amount of money over a very short span of time. We imagine that relatively few users will be able to dispose of 100 GB of data in just one day, although we also imagine that given the nominal cost, many users will be unable to resist the offer, whether or not they actually use all that data.

This asymmetry makes for a win-win situation: Subscribers who sign up for the one-off bundle can feel that they are getting a disproportionately large amount of data for the cost, while WindTre will actually have to dispense far less than 100 GB of data to most of those who purchase the bundle. The result is that customers feel they are getting a windfall, good will is spread, and the operator strengthens its image and gets increased brand loyalty.