Zong Offers Discounts on Bundles With My Zong App Flash Sales

Zong Offers Discounts on Bundles With My Zong App Flash Sales

Pakistani operator Zong has started providing discounts of up to 70 percent on bundles and products via its My Zong App. Zong also introduced a WhatsApp offer for MZA users as part of its newly launched flash sales on the My Zong app. The flash sale brings discounts on popular products and bundles purchased on the app.

Users will get discounts on various products and services every month, making their presence on the platform more rewarding. The Flash Sale will be a recurrent feature on the app and will keep bringing discounts every month on different products and services.

Under the WhatsApp promotion, Zong subscribers can get 35 percent off on the operator’s popular WhatsApp bundle if they subscribe via the My Zong App. The required balance to subscribe to the offer is as low as PKR 35.00 (US $0.21) instead of the previous cost of PKR 55.00 (US $0.34).

Tarifica’s Take


Zong’s discount of 70 percent, even if offered on a short-term “flash” basis, is very generous. However, it is advantageous for the operator insofar as it encourages subscribers to go the My Zong App, where they might in time purchase other services at undiscounted rates.

Every month, there will be discounts on products and services, but only if the the user subscribes to them via the app. Even though each offer will be short-lived, the fact that they occur frequently will motivate subscribers to go to the app often, to check for discounts. One consequence will be that the app’s utilization will be maximized and the operator’s investment in it will see maximized returns.

Another will be that users will acquire the habit of interacting frequently with the app, which will lead to a richer, more connected interaction with the operator. This increased loyalty can be expected to boost retention. But beyond that, over time Zong may want to offer a variety of enhanced services that can be advertised through the app and that will be available without discount. And this, of course, can drive revenue for the operator.