Brazilian MVNO Supernova Creates Plan for Food Delivery Drivers

Brazilian MVNO Supernova Creates Plan for Food Delivery Drivers

Brazilian MVNO Supernova, which runs on Vivo’s network, has created a special mobile plan with exclusive benefits for drivers of the online delivery service iFood. It will provide unlimited use of Waze, WhatsApp, calls and SMS to drivers who sign up for the plans, in addition to extra internet bonuses.

The Delivery de Vantagens plan is exclusive to iFood’s delivery partners, helping them save money in various segments such as education, retail chains, motorbike maintenance and health.

Tarifica’s Take

History shows that a tight focus on the needs of specific demographics is one of the best formulas for MVNO success. Targeted offerings help to differentiate a virtual operator both from the big MNOs and from rival MVNOs, and demographic or interest groups furnish a new MVNO with a pre-existing or at least reliable client base, and the offerings often have a strong community orientation. Many MVNOs have defined themselves exclusively on this basis.

In this case, Supernova, which launched in November 2021, is not itself demographically focused; however, it is offering a plan which very much is—food delivery drivers. They have specific needs tied to their job, which is mobile-internet-dependent, and the supported apps for navigation and communication are appropriately chosen. The offering of bonuses and discounts on services relating to food deliver, such as motorbike maintenance, is thoughtful and should build confidence and loyalty to the operator among subscribers. This appears to be almost like and MVNO within the MVNO, a mini-targeted-community plan that could well attract a devoted if small base of clients among food delivery drivers in Brazil. The partnership with iFood should be able to drive a group of subscribers to the operator, and also provide elements of content and possible bonuses that could help grow the virtual offering.