Megafon Launches Digital Assistant for Lawyers

Megafon Launches Digital Assistant for Lawyers

Russian mobile operator Megafon has introduced a new bot called Nlogic. The bot is intended to act as a digital assistant for lawyers. The service, which is based on a combination of neural and algorithm systems, can help make agreements, and it recognizes bills and other documents. Nlogic supports voice and written speech recognition functions and is able to use the information it receives in these ways to draft legal documents. The operator believes the system will free lawyers from having to perform many routine tasks.

Tarifica’s Take

Here is another rather small-scale example of what mobile operators are doing to offer customers value-added services outside the realm of traditional telephony and smartphone features. In this case, it is a software solution that has some of the hallmarks of a consumer service but is really for small business customers.

Whether or not this AI solution truly works well enough to replace legal assistants and free lawyers from laborious work drafting contracts is not certain at this point, of course; however, the fact that an operator would take the trouble to develop it speaks volumes about the perceived need on the part of operators to broaden the scope of what they do in order to maintain strength and enhance their presence in the market. Megafon has shown good initiative in developing something that could easily have been developed by a non-MNO actor and delivered independently of any particular network. This way, Megafon shows that it is technologically savvy and proactive, as well as making sure that the connectivity associated with use of the bot remains in its ecosystem.