MTN South Africa Teams Up with IonLine to Offer eUICCs

MTN South Africa Teams Up with IonLine to Offer eUICCs

IonLine Connected Networks has launched South Africa’s first locally developed Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) SIM with MTN. Intelligent network switching technology enables the so-called FlexiSim to be remotely updated, regardless of where it connects, and allows IonLine to switch mobile network operators (MNOs) over the air as needed, offering users the ability to change between networks when coverage drops.

With FlexiSim, users can maintain connectivity, even in areas of poor coverage, thanks to its compatibility with the networks of MTN, Vodacom and Telkom.

This functionality is particularly relevant in South Africa, where towers frequently go offline, and leave connected devices with little to no network coverage. David Farquharson, founder and CEO of IonLine, stated that this technology will change the game for any enterprise organization that uses mobile networks to connect their devices.

Tarifica’s Take

FlexiSim is a potentially transformative solution for South Africa, where users who travel domestically have generally purchased plans from multiple carriers and switched between them manually when their service fails. Indeed, the importance of flexibility in network connectivity is growing. The ease and lower cost of switching providers offered by eSIMs and eUICCs is certainly a major plus.

Further, the adaptability these technologies offer is particularly important in countries like South Africa, which are geographically large, with highly competitive mobile markets and poor service coverage in the sparsely populated rural areas, because users will often need access to multiple mobile networks in order to achieve continuous connectivity.

In these kinds of markets, the flexibility provided by these technologies could be vital for businesses, emergency services and individuals alike. In addition, with this kind of feature, high-spending users who demand reliable connectivity in even the most remote areas could be attracted to a provider that offers eUICCs. As eSIMs and eUICCs become more common in the industry, the days of the physical SIM may be numbered – and that’s a good thing for both consumers and operators.