O2’s Switch Up Program A Win-Win

O2’s Switch Up Program A Win-Win

New research from Virgin Media O2 shows that 61% feel ‘stuck in a rut’ and over half say they are in need of a change. The top things Brits would like to change about their lives include their fitness (42%), social life (35%), house (32%), career (30%), car (22%) and mobile phone (17%). The research was conducted to promote the Switch Up offering from O2, which allows customers to swap their mobile device for a new one whenever they want.

O2 Switch Up is included in O2 Plus Plans at no extra cost and can be added to O2 Custom Plans for an extra GBP 3.99 (US $4.99) per month. If the device being swapped meets the required condition criteria, a new handset and plan will be activated, with customers not required to pay off the remainder of their old plan. The traded-in handset will be refurbished and resold by O2 as ‘Like New’.

Tarifica’s Take

While the survey serves as clever marketing for O2’s Switch Up program, it also provides an opportunity for the operator to generate a steady stream of used devices that they can refurbish and resell. By tapping into the common desire for change among people (particularly including the 17% who the study shows would like to change their mobile device), they have created a relatable message that resonates with customers.

With a growing concern for e-waste and the environmental impact of discarded electronics, programs like Switch Up can help reduce waste while simultaneously providing O2 the opportunity to generate a new income stream by refurbishing and reselling used devices.  This approach not only benefits the company but also appeals to customers who are concerned about both the financial and environmental costs of upgrading their devices. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for both parties involved.