Orange Poland Launches Flexible Plan Suite

Orange Poland Launches Flexible Plan Suite

Mobile operator Orange Poland has introduced a new service called Orange Flex, which allows customers to flexibly adjust their monthly plans via a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. Users must register with their ID and a selfie, and both photos are compared with data from the operator’s biometric verification system. The user inputs the information for their debit or credit card, which will automatically be charged for the services.

With Orange Flex, a free SIM card will be provided by a courier or can be obtained at any Orange shop in Poland. Users may also replace their regular SIM card with its virtual equivalent, an eSIM and activate the plan remotely.

Orange Flex offers 10 tariffs, costing from PLN 31.00 (US $7.20) to PLN 80.00 (US $18.59) a month. Payments must be made in advance. Each of the plans includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, while data allowances range from 6 GB to 100 GB a month, part of which can be used for roaming in the EU. In addition, customers can choose one of three zero-rated packages: Social Pass, Music Pass or Video Pass.

On the occasion of the Orange Warsaw Festival, Open’er Festival powered by Orange and Krakow Live Festival, the Music Pass on Orange Flex is completely free until 17 August and then costs PLN 5.00 (US $1.16) a month. It can be activated at any time between 10 May and 17 August. Social Pass is free, and the Video Pass can be activated for one day (PLN 5.00), seven days (PLN 10.00 or US $2.32) or 30 days (PLN 20.00 or US $4.65). In addition, there are three extra-data add-on packages with 1 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB data, priced at PLN 3.00 (US $0.70), PLN 10.00 and PLN 15.00 (US $3.48), respectively.

Users can change their plan to a higher or lower one at no additional charge, on a monthly basis, and they can also order an additional SIM card at any time. For the first six months, the additional SIM service is free; after that, it costs PLN 9.00 (US $2.09) per month. Anyone can join Orange Flex. Orange mobile customers (except those with Orange Love) can end their contract six months early to transfer their services to Orange Flex.

Tarifica’s Take

We have written fairly frequently about the trend toward greater plan flexibility across multiple mobile markets. Consumers at various economic levels have clearly shown that they desire this, both with regard to pricing and plan features and with regard to freedom from contractual obligations. Plenty of operators launch “flexible” offers, but not all live up to the name. This one, from Orange Poland, really does.

It does not deal in so-called flex units, a common strategy by which voice minutes, texts and megabytes of data can be interconverted—but that is simply because all levels of Orange Flex service come with unlimited calls and texts. The data allotments vary, with 10 gradations rather than just two or three, but that is only one aspect of the flexibility. Also flexible is the choice of zero-rated package, for music, video or social media use, as is the duration of the packages. The availability of data add-on packages also contributes to the flexibility of Orange Flex, as does the availability of an extra SIM at low cost.

Orange Flex is a sort of hybrid offering in that it combines elements of a prepaid offering and a monthly plan. While that is arguably not quite as flexible as a compete pay-as-you-go arrangement, its monthly structure allows for the gradation of data offerings, which can be chosen and changed as the user’s needs change. The zero-rated video offering is particularly flexible in that it can be purchased for as short a time period as one day or as long as one month.

We feel it is likely that this offering from Orange Poland will find favor among the considerable number of users who truly desire flexibility in their mobile service.