Singtel Pushing Customers to 5G

Singtel Pushing Customers to 5G

Singapore operator Singtel has announced it will offer 5G as part of its prepaid and Gomo plans in celebration of National Day. Their new Prepaid 5G Ultimate Plan comes with 150GB of 5G data, 5,000 minutes of talk time, 500 local SMS and up to 2,000 minutes at SGD 40 (US $29.03).

Singtel is also offering the postpaid Gomo 5G Plan, which comes with 60GB of 5G data, 1,000 minutes of talk time and 1,000 local SMS at SGD 30 (US $21.77). Subscribers can also rollover up to 100GB of unused data, talk time and local SMS to the next month. Until 31 August, customers can subscribe to the plan at a promotional price of SGD 25 (US $18.14) and receive an additional 40GB of 5G data.

In addition, existing Gomo customers who want to test the operator’s 5G services can redeem a free 5G boost pack that will enable 5G on their current plan for 30 days. If they wish to continue accessing 5G after the trial, customers can switch to a 5G plan at SGD 30 (US $21.77) or purchase a 30-day 5G boost pack at SGD 10 (US $7.26).

Tarifica’s Take

In June 2022, Singtel, Singapore’s largest MNO, surpassed 95% nationwide 5G coverage, three years ahead of the country’s 2025 target. Their 5G network delivers speeds of up to 1.2Gbps, and spans more than 1,300 outdoor locations, over 400 buildings, and includes underground coverage. According to Singtel, the reach of their network makes Singapore the first country to be fully covered by standalone 5G.

Given their expansive network, produced by significant investment, it should not be surprising that Singtel, like many other MNOs globally, are seeking to encourage users into adopting 5G technology. These new plans clearly hope to bring new users into the 5G fold right at the start.

Even more interesting, however, is the offer of 30 free days of 5G to existing Singtel users. Having been given a taste of the benefits of Singtel’s extensive 5G network, Singtel is aiming to impress current customers enough that they would be willing to pay for continued access to the technology. In addition, Singtel is also offering an option that will still allow them to monetize 5G service for those users who are still not ready to commit to 5G even after being given 30 days free. The 30-day 5G boost packs, at SGD 10 (US $7.26), offers customers the flexibility to continue trying 5G, while still providing revenue for Singtel.