Yettel Bulgaria Gamifies Customer Loyalty on Fridays in March

Yettel Bulgaria Gamifies Customer Loyalty on Fridays in March

Yettel Bulgaria said its “Friday with Yettel” game will continue in March, providing end-users with attractive discounts for smart devices and various partner offers. On the last working day of each week, customers can find the special game banner in the Yettel mobile application and scratch the virtual scratch card to reveal the discount won.

Throughout March, users can obtain a 20% discount on one of two Poco 5G smartphones, or a 20% discount on either Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 and Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro wireless earbuds.

Everyone using the Yettel mobile application can participate in the game once every Friday, and the winning promotional code can be shared with a friend or loved one who is also a Yettel customer.

Tarifica’s Take

The weekly “Friday with Yettel” game is a creative way to incentivize customers to interact more with their mobile app. By offering users attractive discounts for smart devices and partner offers, packaged in an interactive game, Yettel is tapping into the TGIF spirit to make Fridays even more exciting for their customers.

In addition, allowing customers to share the promotional codes with friends and loved ones on the same network is a smart move. It not only spreads the word about Yettel’s offerings, but also creates a sense of community among their customers.

This strategy is particularly effective in today’s hyper-competitive telecom market, where customers have myriad options to choose from. By providing regular discounts and engaging experiences, Yettel can strengthen customer loyalty and gain an edge in customer retention, all while differentiating themselves in a crowded marketplace.