Croatia’s Bonbon Introduces Internet-Only SIM Card

Croatia’s Bonbon Introduces Internet-Only SIM Card

Croatian MVNO Bonbon has introduced a new internet-only SIM card. For HRK 75 (US $9.92), users get 20 GB of internet, but no access to calls or SMS. After using up that data, users can activate monthly packages of 20 GB for HRK 75 (US $9.92), 50 GB for HRK 90 (US $11.90) or 120 GB for HRK 150 (US $19.83) per month.

Tarifica’s Take

While data-only plans are a common offering in the telecom marketplace, traditionally, these stripped-down plans have targeted tablets, laptops or other connected devices – rather than functioning as the primary smartphone plan for consumers. That said, consumers – particularly younger customers – who are comfortable with OTT applications like WhatsApp and Messenger may believe that cutting legacy services like voice and SMS does not detract from the overall value of their plan and are thus eager to make this trade-off if it results in a lower price.

A large MNO might worry that this promotional strategy might be alienating to its customers, who are still reliant on these legacy services. This is not the case for Bonbon. As an MVNO, the operator can embrace more targeted strategies, focusing its offerings on very specific customer sub-segments. In this case, it appears Bonbon is aiming to be a brand for young, budget-conscious, digital nomad – and these promotions are evidence of this strategy in action.