Rabona Mobile Unveils 50GB “Cross” Plan for Under EUR 5.00

Rabona Mobile Unveils 50GB “Cross” Plan for Under EUR 5.00

Italian MVNO Rabona Mobile has launched a plan called ‘Cross’ aimed at new users with 50GB of data for EUR 4.99 (US $4.85) a month The football-themed MVNO of sports fashion brand Rabona also includes unlimited calls and SMS as well as the data bundle at 4G speeds of 60Mbps (download) and 30Mbps (upload).

A SIM card costs EUR 19.99 (US $19.43) online and EUR 25.00 (US $24.30) in-store, with customers also having to pay the first month up front. The operator is also offering plans with 200GB of data for EUR 7.99-8.99 (US $7.77-$8.74) and 250GB for EUR 9.99 (US $9.71) a month.

Tarifica’s Take

The MVNO marketplace is a crowded one. Operators need to work hard to distinguish themselves, and attractive promotional offers, like the one Rabona Mobile has just rolled out, are common. However, in such a congested marketplace, it takes more than low prices to stand out. Micro-targeting is an additional strategy that can help. For Rabona Mobile, being owned by a sports apparel brand provides a natural avenue for their audience segmentation: football fans.

Rabona Mobile’s range of mobile offers all harness this theme, dubbed with football-related names like “Cross,” “Counter Attack” and “Overhead Kick.” And with excitement building in anticipation of the rapidly approaching World Cup, the operator is in a prime position to capitalize on the intersection of their unique brand identity, their micro-targeted audience, and a major global event.