Italian MVNO Offering Aggressive Promotion

Italian MVNO Offering Aggressive Promotion

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of its launch, Italian MVNO NTmobile has offered prepay users who subscribe to an annual rate a free EUR 20 (US $21.12) top-up. The plan, dubbed NTmobile Meta, comes with unlimited calls plus 50GB of mobile data for the equivalent of EUR 3.99 (US $4.21) a month if customers pay the annual fee.

NTmobile Meta usually costs EUR 7.99 (US $8.44) a month but if customers agree to pay EUR 47.88 (US $50.55) annually, they end up paying only half the monthly cost. The offer is available until 31 January.

Tarifica’s Take

The start of a new year is a time people take a closer look at their habits, particularly when it comes to their finances. NTmobile’s strategy appears to be tapping into this tendency. The operator is offering their prepay plan for half price if customers sign up for an annual subscription, and then sweetens the deal with a free EUR 20 (US $21.12) top up. Coming at the start of the year, NTmobile is aggressively targeting customers at a time when they are more focused on their financial planning for the year.

Annual plans are relatively rare in the prepaid market space, which makes this promotion especially noteworthy. The half-price offer combined with the free top up makes this an almost irresistible opportunity for consumers, and the operator gets to lock in subscribers for an entire year.