New MVNO from Brazilian ISPs

New MVNO from Brazilian ISPs

A group of over 70 Brazilian ISPs has launched Ta Telecom, a MVNO with national coverage that uses TIM Brasil’s network. The MVNO will cover all municipalities in Brazil and target the residential customers already served by the fixed broadband providers.

Tarifica’s Take

The Brazilian MVNO marketplace has expanded exponentially over the past several years, reaching over 120 providers in 2022. What makes the introduction of Ta Telecom particularly interesting, however, is that it is the product of a group effort by 70+ Brazilian ISPs.

Presumably, these ISPs only offer fixed broadband, and are unable to compete on their own against the country’s more established mobile providers. Their strategy, therefore, is to work together to launch their own MVNO. In this way, they can take advantage of existing infrastructure and market the service directly to their existing combined customer base of more than 10 million.