Italy’s Optima Mobile Debuts Plan Offering 100GB for Under EUR 5

Italy’s Optima Mobile Debuts Plan Offering 100GB for Under EUR 5

Italian MVNO Optima Mobile has launched a new plan that offers 100GB of 4G data, unlimited calls, and 200 SMS for EUR 4.95 (US $5.45) a month, called Optima Super Mobile Smart. The offer is available to customers who port their number to the operator, as well as new number activations, and includes maximum download speeds of 60 Mbps and upload speeds of 30 Mbps. The plan comes with a 12-month contract and a one-off fee of EUR 9.90 (US $10.89), which includes the cost of the SIM card.

Tarifica’s Take

The Optima Super Mobile Smart plan is an impressive deal, considering the amount of data offered for such a low price. However, it’s worth noting that the data is only 4G and not 5G, but still has decent speeds of up to 60 Mbps.

Optima’s Super Mobile Smart plan is one of several high-data, low-cost plans recently made available in the Italian market. For instance, Ho Mobile this week announced they are extending their prepaid promotion of EUR 6.99 (US $7.69) for 130GB. In addition, Fastweb also announced increased data packages, and while these increases also admittedly come with price increases, those final prices are still competitive (i.e., 100GB of 5G data for EUR 7.95 (US $8.75)).

The current Italian market seems to offer an abundance of low-price, high data plans, which points to intense competition among the country’s providers. Optima Mobile, as a multi-utility MVNO, is taking advantage of this market trend by offering a sub-EUR 5.00 a month plan with 100GB of data, unlimited calls, and 200 SMS. This is an incredibly competitive offer, made even more appealing in times of high inflation when bundled with Optima’s range of utility services, including gas and electricity, saving customers money on multiple fronts. Overall, Optima Mobile’s pricing strategy and multi-utility approach seem well-tailored to the current Italian market conditions.