Mobile Vikings Adds 5G Access to Postpaid Plans

Mobile Vikings Adds 5G Access to Postpaid Plans

Mobile Vikings, a Belgian mobile services provider and subsidiary of Proximus, has announced the availability of 5G speeds for postpaid customers with a subscription costing at least EUR 15 (US $16.50) per month.

Vikings’ 5G network is provided by Proximus and currently limited to parts of Flanders. 5G access for Proximus subscribers is similarly limited to those signed up for the more expensive postpaid plans, starting from EUR 20 (US $22) per month.

Tarifica’s Take

Belgium has been late to introduce 5G compared to many of its European neighbors, so they may have had the chance to learn from other countries’ experiences. In some countries, operators initially offered free access to 5G to all users but have since been hesitant to increase prices or end the free offer, which could anger customers. Perhaps Mobile Vikings is trying to avoid that situation by providing 5G access as a premium value-added service to higher-priced plans, to make them more attractive to customers. This could help them move more customers into the higher-priced plans and increase revenue without raising prices on everyone all at once. In addition, customers may also be more willing to pay more for 5G if they feel they are making the decision to upgrade themselves.