Ooredoo Qatar Runs Nojoom Treasure Hunt Game with Doha Festival City Mall

Ooredoo Qatar Runs Nojoom Treasure Hunt Game with Doha Festival City Mall

Ooredoo Qatar has announced a new augmented reality game for its Nojoom Loyalty Program members, in partnership with Doha Festival City (DFC) shopping center. Members can join the Nojoom Treasure Hunt with Ooredoo Nation to win up to 50,000 Nojoom Points and partner vouchers, which can be redeemed for up to QAR 2,000 (US $549.30) towards any of the 250 brands within the Nojoom partner network.

After activating the augmented reality game, members need to scan a QR code at the Treasure Hunt station at DFC to play. Players search the shopping center for Treasures, which are Nojoom logos and FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 country flags. Each player can win up to 100 Nojoom points at each of the seven treasure stations located around the shopping center. Once players have visited all seven of the stations, they have a chance to win 50,000 Nojoom points by finding the Daily Mega Prize QR code hidden somewhere in the mall.

Tarifica’s Take

It’s no secret that acquiring and retaining customers is a perpetual challenge of the telecom industry, demanding operators to constantly develop ever-more dynamic solutions.

Ooredoo Qatar’s AR treasure hunt event is one such instance of operator creativity. The treasure hunt combines active user participation with exciting technology and the lure of winning vouchers of substantial value, all supported by Ooredoo’s network technology.

Ooredoo’s Nojoom loyalty program was named Platinum winner at this year’s Loyalty 360 Awards, and it’s events like this that make it simple to see why. While it is common for major promotional events to be available to customers and noncustomers alike, participation in this treasure hunt is only available to members of Ooredoo’s Nojoom Loyalty Program, which, given the scale of both the event and the potential winnings, naturally incentivizes new sign-ups. In addition, the “members-only” component of the event also extends the gratifying senses of community and exclusivity to existing members, deepening their relationship with the operator.