Vodafone Italia Unveils Prepay FWA Offer

Vodafone Italia Unveils Prepay FWA Offer

Vodafone Italia has launched a new prepay version of its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) offer, aimed at customers with second homes. The new ‘FWA Vodafone Casa Wireless Ricaricabile’ promotion provides 900GB of data to use over 3 months for EUR 49.99 (US $52.54), plus a Huawei Mi-Fi router at an added cost of EUR 50.00 (US $52.55), with no activation fees. The device supports up to 30 connected devices.

The service can be automatically cancelled after 3 months. Alternatively, customers can continue topping up the offer at a monthly cost of EUR 27.99 (US $29.42) for 300GB of data traffic each month.

Tarifica’s Take

The wider availability of 5G networks has made fixed wireless access (FWA) a viable alternative to traditional fixed line internet service. That said, many consumers have preferred the greater reliability and higher data volumes associated with traditional DSL and, particularly, fiber plans for their home connections.

With this prepaid offer, Vodafone Italia appears to be shifting its strategy and leaning into FWA’s strengths when compared to fixed broadband: namely, flexibility. The offer highlights the ease of setup and cancellation—making it simple for a user to rapidly set up a broadband connectionin any location, without having to wait for a technician to install or worry about cancellation after moving away. Vodafone has even explicitly targeted this promotion at people with second homes.

Ultimately, the familiarity of using FWA for a vacation home could help convince some consumers to adopt FWA for their primary residence. But even if this does not occur, the promotion should still help the provider win some new “part-time” customers.